Front End Funding

We provide short-term fast closing funding for various  real estate projects. Funding for the following scenarios: 100% Font End Funding

Quick Funding For Real Estate Investors :
*        $20,000-$99,000 (normal upper limit; higher amounts available based on the viability of the transaction.  Funding normally occurs in 6-8 working days, not weeks (for qualified deals)

We do not require an appraisal, credit check or income verification; a Broker’s Price Opinion will do. (BPO)

*        Funding for 1-3 Months in most cases; sometimes longer based on the transaction. Utilize for front end funding with your quick exit repayment.

*        Up to 67% LTV (Loan to Value) of FMV (Fair Market Value), less 10% fixed costs = 60% net LTV

*        No upfront or hidden fees. Quick funding decisions.

*        No points, no interest, no monthly payments. Not a loan. Funding is a Cash-on-Cash-type investment.

*        You bring the right deal, we bring up to 100% of the acquisition funds.

*        N.O.O. only (Non-Owner-Occupied), investor-owned properties

*        We will need to secure our Investment  as the 1st position note/deed holder

*        Funding transactions are normally processed by our processing and title/escrow professionals

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